Joy’s weekly book notes

  • Chief Joy Officer

    Notes: Chief Joy Officer: How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear.

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  • Choose Joy

    Notes: Ever wonder why some people seem to experience joy in their daily lives–even in the tough times–and others can’t seem to find it no matter how hard they search? Is a joy-filled life really possible?

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  • Creating Memories of Joy

    Notes: Jolene Brackey has a vision: that we will soon look beyond the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease to focus more of our energies on creating moments of joy.

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  • Hidden Joy

    Notes: Finally, after years of searching and believing, Wendy had nowhere else to turn, so she fell on her knees before God and poured out her tears.

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  • Inner Engineering : A yogi’s guide to joy – Sadhguru

    Notes: Thought leader, visionary, philanthropist, mystic, and yogi Sadhguru presents Western readers with a time-tested path to achieving absolute well-being: the classical science of yoga.

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  • Joy of Cooking

    Notes: A fundamental resource that includes quick, healthy recipes for the way we cook today. Look for a new, revised edition of JOY with 600 new recipes coming in November 2019

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  • The book of Joy

    Notes: About The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World.

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  • The Daughters of Joy by Deepak Chopra

    Notes: An inspiring story of the search for love and redemption from Deepak Chopra, the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine” (Time) and New York Times bestselling author of The Healing Self.

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“My vision is for you to find, share, and experience more “JOY” in your Life .... so, I invite you to take this QUOTE journey with me."
- Joy Kamakamaewailani Rodriguez